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These photographs tell the story of the construction of the Phu My 2.2 power station in the south of Vietnam. The images report the story of the anonymous workers, men and women, who contributed hugely to bring into existence what is considered a jewel of modern technology. On the work site it was amazing to see the highest qualified engineers with their high tech equipment working side by side with workers without any qualification and using simple basic tools to achieve this power station. In one sense it reflects what the world is and how it runs. The names of the workers are written nowhere; there is no trace of their assignment nor gratitude of their contribution. These photographs pay tribute to these obscure men and women who stayed behind the scenes.

The construction of this power plant started in July 2002 and came into commercial operation in February 2005.

The operation staff of Phu My 2.2 has taken over and their job is now to make that power station giving its best. In the control room, operators display perfect composure, but they know full well that what they have in their hands is powerful, disproportionate, violent. They also know that their fellow citizens rely on them to generate the power that their country needs.

I am proud to have been their Manager
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